I am so excited to share the Choo Choo Rooster Scrapbook Retreat with my crafty people out there, AKA These Women.  While my husband and i were setting up the house as a scrapbook retreat, he would ask me  “What do These Women do all weekend?”  “What kind of beds would These Women need?”  “Do These Women want 6 foot tables?” He would say to his friends, “These Women go away for a weekend and scrapbook together” with the tone of a scientist who discovered a new species.

I don’t know if we are a different species, but I know we are special.  AND I know wonderful things happen when crafters get away for a weekend and make stuff together. When I put it to him in Field of Dreams terms, he finally got it.  I whispered, ‘Furnish it with comfy chairs and good lighting, and These Women will come’.

So we did.  And this is the first blog post on the brand new website for Choo Choo Rooster Scrapbook Retreat!  Did I mention I’m excited?